Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogging Break


Where has the time gone?  How is it that my last post was in April?

Life has been busy.  Let's be honest, it has been busy, demanding, overwhelming, and full of changes.

One big change was that I moved in June. I still live in the same city, but finally moved out of my dad's and into an apartment.  It has been great living on my own again and the best part... DECORATING!  It is such a perfect apartment and I am happy there. 

On top of moving out and paying so much more in bills, I got a new car!  Not exactly planned but when the transmission is about to go out, it's about time to offload the car and find something newer and cuter :)  I got a 2010 Acura TSX and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It is the car I have had my eye on for a few years now and I am glad I was able to get it.

This summer, Gerard and I had a lot of fun with each other and friends.  There were plenty of late nights, concerts, laughing and having fun!  It was truly a great summer but an exhausting one too! (More to come about this later on)

Summer is one of the busiest times of work for me.  I spent a lot of my summer hanging out in my car, traveling all over Northern California.  Talk about exhausting.  Don't get me wrong, I love driving, but wow, driving all over can be tiring.  Especially when you get stuck in Bay Area traffic.

Life is going well.  Still trying to find balance in everything I do and finding the things in life that are most important to me but I think that is always an ongoing thing.  Please tell me I am not the only one!

I took my break but here I am ready to jump back into the blogging world! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

It is that time of year again...
BASEBALL season!
I am even playing in Gerard's fantasy baseball league this year.  For the first time.  Ever.  With all boys.  We will see how it turns out :/
One of G's friends even named his team "Katie is a Bully!" since we were trash talking haha!  My team is named "Pocket Full of Posey" for my boy Buster!
I am still getting the hang of how to play but I think I am going to have fun with it!
Monday, I scored tickets to the Giants game from my company so Gerard and I were off to San Francisco as soon as I was off work.  It was such a fun game and great seeing the Giants beat the Rockies!  My cousin was at the game too so that was a nice surprise.  We are hoping to make it out to a lot more games this season.
Amazing Seats!

Jeremy Affeldt warming up! 


Are you excited for baseball season?  Who is your favorite team/player?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Living in Love

Happy Monday friends!

I have not meant to take a blogging break over the past few weeks, but life happens and blogging was the first to go to the side.  Plus, it doesn't help when I can't figure out any good ideas to write about.  

Lately,  I have been trying to be intentional about my extra time and using it for more than browsing blogs and Pinterest.  I am starting to travel for work this week and will be gone most of the week for the next couple weeks.  I wanted to soak up as much time with Gerard as possible and we have been having fun!  

We have been hanging out with friends, working out together, went to a Sacramento Kings game, and most importantly, just being with each other.  It is the simple things that make me happy when I am with him.  I love grabbing a quick bit to eat together, falling asleep while watching a movie together (and yes this happens EVERY time we start a movie), and especially when we are just hanging out in my room, doing our own thing, but his presence with me makes everything just right.

I have been learning how important it is to make the best of any time you have together as a couple.  Gerard and I used to have soooo much time together.  We worked together and had a similar school schedule.  Now our time is limited, especially when I am traveling.  I want our time to mean something, not just let the time slip away.

One thing that I have always loved about G and I is that we really are best friends.  We have fun together, laugh all the time, and are just goofy with each other.  He is my rock, the person I know I can always count own, and no matter what is going on in ours lives, I know deep down that he truly loves me more than I will ever know.

Friday, April 5, 2013


So how have I let a week go by without posting??
I guess it is because I have tried this new thing called not being boring and going to bed by 10 (or 9:30 sometimes!) every night and enjoying my time with G and friends. 
Dear Work... I am so ready to start traveling again!  I cannot wait to be in Sonoma county and Santa Cruz next week! 
Dear G... I had a blast with you at the Kings game!  You are the perfect date :)

Dear Old Navy... I got some good finds last week but was very disappointed this morning when I noticed one of the shirts totally shrank.  What is the rule about taking it back?  I don't have the tags anymore but it is so unwearable. 

Women's Slub-Knit Jersey Tops
The Culprit
Dear Jenny... You are seriosuly one of the best friends I could ask for and last Friday was exactly what I needed!  P.s. You are gonna just LOVE your birthday.

Dear Pandora... I love you, however, I feel like I am hearing the same songs over and over.  Time to change things up k?
Dear Kristin... I hope you are having a BLAST in NYC with your girls.  Go check out the guest post I wrote for her yesterday on some of my favorite vaca spots in California.  Any guesses as to what they are?

Dear Readers... I want some new blogs to read.  Please tells me all your favorites!

Have a fantastic weekend friends!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Letters (+ Cara Box Reveal)

Whew... we made it to Friday!
Dear Lovely Car... it is time for me to take you in before I start traveling in the next couple weeks.  Please let everything be normal maintenance.  Fingers crossed!
Dear Gerard... I wish I could tell you about your birthday surprise.  But I can't.  And it is still 4 months away.  I guess I will have to continue keeping the secret!  Trust me though, it's good!
Dear Jenny... Less than 1 month until your birthday!! Your golden birthday too! Now I just need to talk with your husband to figure out something awesome to do!
Dear Stores... You better watch out!  Jenny and I are going shopping tonight and I could not be more excited.  This girl has not shopped in a month and I am ready to do some damage.  Jenny better keep me accountable!
Dear Real Life... Why can't we still have spring breaks once we are done with school?  Summer vacations too.  I would have liked to have the week off also.

Dear Blogging...I want to be out of this funk. 
Dear Heatheer ...I am so glad you liked your Cara Box!  It was so great getting to know you and fun shopping for you :)
Dear Laura...  Thank you for my box!!  You did great buying me all "K" gifts!  I was so surprised with all the goodies and you definitely got me stuff that I like!  Woohoo!

Look at all that stuff!  My FAVORITE pens, coffee (YES!), a sleeve to keep my water cool, amazing coral nail polish, cupcake lines, notebook, a pouch to keep my stuff in during summer, caramels, and cookies and cream kisses (I tore into those right away!).  Thank you again girl!

Cara Box